Can You Pass the User Password to TSQL through a File

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Can You Pass the User Password to TSQL through a File


Is there any way to pass the user password to the tsql command using a file?


I tried the following:


lx-had12:/home/sql> tsql -SNTS-ENTDBD1 -Ufunnys -P << /sddprod/parms/.prod_ssql

> select count(*) from prod.dbo.GLACNT

> go




I am not sure I am not connected to the SQL Server instance, as I usually see the following when I connect:


lx-had12: home/sql> tsql -SNTS-ENTDBD1 -Usql


locale is "en_US.UTF-8"

locale charset is "UTF-8"

using default charset "UTF-8"




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